Filitsa Giannopoulos has had a life-long passion for art and design, which five years ago culminated in the evolution of her own creative agency – Nina & Pequito.  Filitsa uses Nina & Pequito as a platform for all her artistic endeavours,  which range from art styling to sourcing artwork across all mediums, whether it be sculpture, photography, jewellery, contemporary or street art.

Significantly for Filitsa, her passion is fuelled by a desire to assist and represent emerging Australian artists in both the domestic and international Art markets so that their dreams and talents may be fully realised. Nurturing young and emerging talent has also translated into volunteer work with schools and the Heide Museum of Modern Art, co-ordinating art projects and instilling an appreciation for creativity and expression in young minds. Her inherent creativity lends itself to a strong sense of style, with a visionary mindset and frequently identifies emerging trends before they are signposted as mainstream.

As a  freelance art stylist, Filitsa has utilised her varied academic credentials and experience in the workplace, such as her work with the Menzies Art Brands and the Port Phillip City Council to forge a successful career path in both the commercial and private sector. She also enjoys organising and curating independent art shows and exhibitions, and is currently involved in a series of exciting projects.